Public Programs

Workshops & Events

Our composting workshops in our demonstration garden are always popular and a great introduction to help you successfully compost at home. Twice a year, the Junk in the Trunk garage sale bonanza connects treasure hunters and sellers, ensuring unwanted items are given a new lease on life rather than ending up in landfill. For crafty types, DIY workshops will teach you how to create your own home cleaning products, produce bags for shopping trips, or gift bags for every occasion.

Individual lifestyle choices have a strong influence on our interconnected environment in a number of ways. Workshops like Zero Waste, Recycling 101, and Waterwise help you understand how those choices, both at home and at work, impact the earth in general and our community in RDFFG specifically. Over time each of us, using the tools provided in these practical training sessions, can contribute to the goal of waste reduction.

Key events to look for throughout the year:

  • Practical DIY workshops
  • Composting/Vermicomposting workshops
  • Introductory ‘101’ workshops (Zero Waste, Recycling)
  • Plant Sale
  • Recycle Toy Drives
  • Junk in the Trunk

Looking for education in a different topic area?

We are a community-driven organization so share your ideas with us! You can email us at or complete the form below.